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Computer Repair & Services:                      Computer Repair Solutions (TD) offers computer and equipment sales, customized care, and a single source for your technical needs. We analyze your requirements, recommend the hardware and software that is right for you, and provide all the support you need.

SECURITY SYSTEM:                                            You may already have an alarm-based security system installed at your business or home. While these systems do provide some measure of protection against intruders, they can sometimes fall short. A good way to round out the security plan for your property is to implement video surveillance. Whether you use it independently or in addition to your alarm, video security provides the best form of protection against common crimes like theft, vandalism and property damage.

Data Backup and Recovery:     Because data is the heart of the enterprise, it's crucial for you to protect it. And to protect your organization's data, you need to implement a data backup and recovery plan. Backing up files can protect against accidental loss of user data, database corruption, hardware failures, and even natural disasters.

Telecommunication:                                           Without standards defined the advanced wireless, broadband and multimedia technologies that are redefining today’s world simply would not exist. That’s because IT technology has played a crucial role in defining the core transport and access technologies that underpin communications networks right around the world.

Network Services:

In a global business environment, wide-area networks (WANs) have taken center stage, letting companies do business around the world. Many enterprises find it both difficult and expensive to manage and optimize the WAN to ensure business operations run smoothly and securely. Doing so requires ongoing investments in hardware, endless updates, and staff training.

That's where Technical Data come in. A reliable managed service provider (TD) has the expertise and equipment to optimize and monitor your network and deliver applications efficiently and safely. Technical Data services let you shift network costs to the operational side of things, paying for what you actually use (instead of what someone thinks you might need). TD lets you free up internal resources to work on more strategic needs that relate directly to your core business.